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  • Come Early Morning | Review

    By | November 17, 2006

    Director: Joey Lauren Adams

    Writer: Joey Lauren Adams

    Starring: Ashley Judd, Jeffrey Donovan, Ray McKinnon

    Grab yourself a six-pack of Coors Light for actor Joey Lauren Adams’ (Chasing Amy, Dazed and Confused) writing and directing debut.

    It seems that life in Arkansas revolves around Coors Light and bottles of it pollute the screen like a bad rash. Suggested drinking game: continue to drink whenever a Coors Light bottle appears on screen.

    Okay enough jabber about shameless product placement. Ashley Judd plays Lucy (the aptly nicknamed “Luce”) who has made a habit of sneaking out of the motel rooms and houses of drunken one-night stands early the next morning. Tossing her soiled panties in the trashcan, Lucy begins the day after anew as if nothing happened. Her life is an aimless quest for the next Coors Light and good lay with no strings attached — all thanks to the deluge of failed relationships and alcoholics encompassing her.

    The new good ol’ boy in town, Cal (Jeffrey Donovan), attempts to save Lucy from herself, or at least break her from the habit of sneaking out in the pre-dawn. Contrary to the other guys in town, Cal doesn’t wear Wranglers and enjoys old (classic) country music (rather than trashy pop country); he seems to have his life together with a good job and T-Bird. Lucy continues to instantly drop her panties whenever Cal is around and that is as much of a relationship she can offer him. Lucy recognizes her problems and attempts to reconcile them by confronting her father, the person who fated this life to her.

    Come Early Morning is an intriguing feminine perspective on small town life for a single thirty-something woman. Despite her turmoil, Lucy is a strong and intelligent woman able to hold down a respectable job as a contractor. She appears content with the endless one-night stands as long as a Coors Light is in her hand.

    Rating: 8/10

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