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  • A-Team is a go, sucka!

    By | January 28, 2009


    20th Century Fox has put together their own “A” team to creatively translate the hit 1980s television series the A-Team into a summer 2010 blockbuster release.Set to direct is Joe Carnahan best known for Narc & Smokin’ Aces. Under their Scott Free production company, Ridley & Tony Scott will head up the production duties. “Tony and I feel that marrying this Scott Free project with Joe’s sensibility will result in a fast-paced, exciting franchise, one we hope will be around for years to come,” Ridley Scott said.

    Also joining the production team are Jules Daly and Stephen J. Cannell, the creators of the original TV series. A script has been penned by Skip Woods with Carnahan and Brian Bloom massaging a final draft to start a June 2009 production. With this team assembled you can be assured that fast paced stylistic action will ensue. The Middle East will be replacing Vietnam as the location of the team’s tour of duty with the original premise of the series as the template for the film. “You can … make a film that reflects on the real world without losing the great sense of fun and the velocity of action in a classic summer popcorn film.This was a coveted property, and reimagining a show that I remembered as a kid was tough to turn down. Fox hired me to make it as emotional, real and accessible as possible without cheesing it up.”, said Carnahan. Provide your cast ideas below…Da – Da – Da – Daaa – Dmm – Dmm – Dummmmn!

    My Dream Team cast choices:

    Hannibal – George Clooney

    Murdock – Jim Carrey

    B.A. – Ving Rhames (Who in the hell can really replace Mr. T though?)

    Face – Brad Pitt

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