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  • G.I.*Joe the Rise of Cobra teaser posters

    By | January 27, 2009

    Six posters from the upcoming G.I.*Joe: the Rise of Cobra surfaced to the web today for Duke, Scarlett, the Baroness, Snake Eyes, Ripcord & Storm Shadow. Though I played with my fair share of “Joes” back in the day, I seem to lack the nostalgic attachment to this franchise that I have for Star Wars, Transformers, and the Marvel/DC Universes. Regardless of this I still appreciate the artistic direction and style of the images below. So far I am not approaching this film with any hyped expectations so I still have the ability to be sold. There are many tough customers competing for “the” Summer Blockbuster title…will Joe be a contender? Share your comments below!



    the Baroness

    Snake Eyes



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    • Paul

      We apologize, none of our actors have eyes.

      Horrible on-set accident, we hope it never happens again.

    • Hart

      Looks like they stole costume ideas from Blade and Batman and the font looks like its from Blade too.

    • Dave Lowe

      The cartoon series…the original, was my guilty pleasure back in college. I got hooked watching it every morning before classes.

      What I loved most was the epic WWII movie like stories with the Joe’s feeling like a rag tag, pirate crew against the uniformed regimented Cobra force. I can already tell this is going to miss the mark by a mile being too slick.