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  • WATCHMEN | Going on with the show!

    By | January 16, 2009

    Praise the baby deities…WATCHMEN will release as scheduled on March 6, 2009!

    The battle over the rights/distribution between Warner Bros. and Fox came to a conclusion yesterday Jan. 15th 2009, and was settled outside of court for an undisclosed amount. The L.A. Times and Variety are reporting varying figures that for now are all just speculation. But whatever, the movie will see the light of day, as planned, plain and simple.

    For those of you who have yet to read the *masterpiece (*that is the WATCHMEN graphic novel), you are doing yourself and the genre a disservice. As of today you have 6 weeks to get off your ass and do a little reading. Not only is it the best graphic novel/comic I’ve ever read, but it is on Time Magazine’s 100 Best Novels of All-Time list. Consider me the “Oprah book peddler” for fanboys. Read the book today. See the film on 03.06.09.

    Seacrest Out!

    “All the accumulated filth of their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout ‘Save us!’ and I’ll look down and whisper ‘No.” Rorschach

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