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  • gratitude.

    By | February 11, 2009

    Even though Smells Like Screen Spirit is in it’s infancy, I would like to thank some people who have contributed to making my vision happen.

    First I would like to give major props to Jenny Medford aka Websy Daisy for her web design wizardry. Her collaboration and efforts were key to making this become more than I thought it would be. Her communication is easy, response is prompt, and her understanding of what you want is uncanny. If you like this site, check out the rest of her portfolio. If you need to design a site of your own I can recommend no other…thanks Jenny!

    New to the SLSS scene, I also want to give kudos granola snacks to Dirk Sonniksen aka The Dirk Show. Dirk has a way of looking at things that I appreciate. Whether intellectual, twisted, or sarcastic I enjoy listening to what he has to say on his own site or when we hang. Dirk’s first addition to the site is now published in the Reviews section under Paths of Glory. I expect Dirk to be a regular contributor around here (at least I hope so) so stay tuned for more.

    Lastly, I need to thank my wife Vickie for inspiring me to do SLSS instead of just talking about it. She has and will always be the ghost editor to my works on the site. Though she often gives me “nerdy snorting” sound responses to my moments of fan boy geek outs, she nurtures and enjoys the passion and enjoyment I have in entertainment. Love ya! Mean it!


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