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  • Life of Pi

    By | February 18, 2009


    Life of Pi is the fantasy adventure novel written by the Canadian author, Yann Martel. The story surrounds Piscine “Pi” Molitor Patel, a boy from Pondicherry India and the son of a zookeeper. In the three part story Pi explores issues of religion, spirituality, and practicality while stranded on a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean after surviving a shipwreck. Joining him in the lifeboat is a female orangutan named Orange Juice, a wounded zebra, a spotted hyena, and a Royal Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

    There has been high anticipation for the film development of this story that was once being headed by M. Night Shyamalan during his glory days. Since there is a twist ending in the story he dropped out. “I was concerned that as soon as you put my name on it, everybody would have a different experience. Whereas if someone else did it, it would be much more satisfying, I think. Expectations, you’ve got to be aware of them”, explained Shyamalan. I’m a huge fan of his early works including Unbreakable & Signs but since then The Happening happened and I think he’s lost his way.

    Today brings word that the development of this project is alive and well with Ang Lee in talks to direct. Lee is considered to be in the category of the best directors working today. He is currently wrapping up the post-production for Taking Woodstock, a comedy featuring Emile Hirsch and Demetri Martin. Should he captain the ship on Life of Pi, it will only add to his variety and style. The man has pretty much tackled a different genre and topic each time out. Given the great things he did with The Ice Storm & Brokeback Mountain, Lee may very well be the perfect choice.

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