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  • Robert Rodriguez brings the Nerverackers

    By | February 18, 2009


    Austin’s own Robert Rodriguez is all set for his next film, Nerverackers. Given the historical data we have on Rodriguez, it is expected that he will continue his one-man-show of being the writer, director, cinematographer, composer, editor and hell…probably even Crafts service chef? Has anyone ever told him about delegation? Doesn’t he know that people out there need jobs?

    Anyway, Nerverackers is a futuristic Sci-Fi thriller set in the year 2085. Society has become a blissful utopia until something or someone has unleashed a crime wave in this once “perfect” world. Authorities then move quickly to assemble an elite unit led by a guy named Joe Tezca, to fight back.

    Rodriguez will once again re-team with Dimension & Weinstein, where he has seen success with From Dusk Till Dawn, Sin City, Planet Terror, the Spy Kids series and so on. Nerverackers is already scheduled for an April 16, 2010 release, so expect to hear about more production news in the near future.

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