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  • Friday the 13th dates again

    By | March 2, 2009


    Jason Voorhees is on his way to making the Guinness Book of World Records with the most returns to film of all time. According to sources with New Line and Platinum Dunes, it’s already time to go camping at Crystal Lake once again.

    The invincible king of slasher film villain-ry will once again don the hockey mask in the sequel to February’s Friday The 13th (2009). Expect more boozing sex crazed teens being stalked at Camp Crystal Lake. The follow-up will take elements of the original franchise to continue the new one in Jason’s “13th” return to celluloid. Director Marcus Nispel is not expected to return and it is too early to speculate as the light has not officially turned green on the project.

    The studios are currently working on bringing Jason’s friend Freddy back in a remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street. Shooting on Elm Street begins in the next two months. To date the $19 million budgeted Friday The 13th (2009) has raked in a respectable $60.7 million domestically and $79.4 million worldwide so far. Nothing says “green light” like the voice of cash.

    GO GO POWER SLASHERS! …err Rangers

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