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  • Sam Raimi Talks Evil Dead 4

    By | March 26, 2009


    Source: Empire

    The May issue of Empire should be hitting shelves as we speak and it features an interesting interview with a one Sam Raimi. In it Raimi reveals that he and his brother Ivan have began the script for Evil Dead 4. “We’ve got nine pages so far.  Every time I’m with my brother Ivan, we write another page of it. It’s in Detroit and in my garage.”

    Bruce Campbell would reprise the iconic Necronomicon battling & S-Mart employed, Ash. Raimi included that the script so far includes mainly ideas, jokes, and things they’d like to see happen. “There’s some dialogue, Ash being an idiot, Ash taking some abuse, some character stuff and then some structure of Act Two”.

    Sam is back on the horror front with Drag Me To Hell, and is showing great enthusiasm about returning to the genre. It has been a labor of love, Raimi tells Empire, “We decided we wouldn’t make it if we couldn’t do it the way we wanted to. It’s funny: usually you take that point of view with artistic-type films, but for me horror films can’t be deluded either. They have their own cheesy integrity that needs to be stuck to.”

    The interview including further details and discussion surrounding Drag Me To Hell (in theaters May 29th), Spider-Man, the origins of Evil Dead, and more is on news stand shelves now. I guess we’ll have to pick up the May issue to learn more.

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