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  • Stephen King’s IT being made into a theatrical feature

    By | March 13, 2009


    Warner Brothers, thrilled by their success in accomplishing gold with the “unfilmable” Watchmen,  has announced plans to make the “unfilmable” Stephen King novel IT, into a Motion Picture.

    Seven childhood friends have to battle unspeakable evil, in the form of a corrosive demonic creature named Pennywise which dresses in a clown suit and terrorizes their small town in Maine. They reunite 25 years later in attempt to destroy IT once and for all.

    Screenwriter Dave Kajganich (The Invasion) has been set with the task of adapting King’s 1,100+ page novel into a screenplay streamlined for cinemas. ITwas previously adapted before as a TV mini-series and directed by directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. This allowed time to develop the themes and characters but still missed the mark when it came to delivery and visual presentation.

    This is a tall order to accomplish. The only King “horror” novels that have really translated well to the big screen are the Shining and Dead Zone.I swear I’ve has this conversation 100 times lately with various people. The rich complex relationships of King’s characters are sometimes captured in the film translations but as soon as the creature(s) enter the frame, the “cheese factor” (Dreamcatcher, the Mist) seems to take over what was looking to be promising…hense the “spider” scene from the IT mini-series.   

    Lin Pictures & Vertigo Entertainment are producing for Warner Brothers.

    Here’s to hoping they don’t screw this up.

    (Pennywise): They float, they all float…and when you’re down here with me fat boy, you’ll float too…

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