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  • the story is NeverEnding

    By | March 1, 2009


    As a child of the 80’s I’m really starting to feel my age with all the reboots. The NeverEnding Story is set for remake land in a modernized CG battle with the Nothing.

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s company Appian Way and the production team responsible for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are in talks with Warner Bros to revive the 1984 classic based on the German children’s book of the same name.

    I’m still getting over the news that a Karate Kid remake is currently in production. Studios are picking up 80’s & 90’s era childhood favorites and repackaging them for a new generation…but why? My kids love watching the original Karate Kid and NeverEnding Story.

    With a cast of mostly unknown actors the original NeverEnding Story was a fantasy epic of live action and 1st rate puppet mastery. In the story, young protagonist Bastian seeks escape in a magical book trying to deal with the recent loss of his mother. Bastian discovers he is embedded to the plot where a hero sets out to save the life of its young Child-like Empress and the land of Fantasia from an emptiness called the Nothing and it’s servant Gmork.

    The new direction will apparently focus on some finer details of Michael Ende’s novel that was left out of the original movie and following two sequels. At this time there are no writers or directors attached, but expect the project to follow current trend and be fast-tracked.

    P.S. If anyone in Hollywood starts talking Back to the Future remake…I’m coming for you and it won’t be pretty.

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