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  • Tim Burton down the rabbit hole

    By | March 31, 2009


    Source: Empire

    Tim Burton was present at the Jameson Empire Awards to support Helena Bonham Carter as she won Best Actress for Sweeney Todd – this is what he told Empire about his progress with Alice In Wonderland.

    “Way down the rabbit hole” was Burton’s status report. “There’s a long way to go.” Alice In Wonderland is being painted from a typically flamboyant palette with a combination of mo-cap and live-action, but how much CGI will be involved? “I’m not quite sure yet – doing a big budget movie is an organic process and gives the opportunity to experiment. It’s something that was presented to me and I’d never seen really a movie version of [the story] that I like, so I thought I’d just give it a shot.”

    Burton is the latest filmmaker to join the ranks of 3D-inistas, so expect Alice To Wonderland to deliver plenty of proscenium-busting white rabbits and march hares. “I like the 3-D aspect of it, I think it fits the material very well, and it doesn’t give me a headache like it used to.” He hinted that 3D may become something of a fixture in his movies. “I think it’s good for anything. There are other uses than having spears stuck into your face – I think there are more visceral, emotional uses, especially if you use lots of textures.”

    Alice In Wonderland is currently filming and set for release in April 2010.

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