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  • Bring X-Men Wolverine World Premiere to Austin

    By | April 15, 2009


    Below is a repost from my old friend and fellow Austinite Laurie Lyons who writes for I also want X-Men Origins: Wolverine to premiere here in Austin, so follow her instructions and choose Austin…or suffer my Berserker Rage!

    Online voting ends April 17 to bring X-Men cast to a world premiere in Austin.

    Photo from official trailer for X-Men Origins: WolverineAustin is steadily chugging away at earning a new city title, this time in the film genre. After last week’s surprise world premiere of Star Trek at Alamo Drafthouse, complete with sci-fi legend Leonard Nimoy, Austin has earned about a million cool points from geeks worldwide, and the potential to become the “Fanboy Movie Premiere Capital of the World.” Now Austin has the chance to gain even more points from the comic book sector, by bringing X-Men Origins: Wolverine to town for the world premiere. In a YouTube video, Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine, appeals to the world to vote for their town to host the premiere. Jackman came up with the idea for the contest as a way to give back to the fans of the franchise by bringing the full red carpet experience to a U.S. city, along with the filmmakers and stars.

    As of April 8, Austin was #3 on the top ten list behind Davis, California, and Hastings, Nebraska (really?!?). Austin is in prime position to make a huge last-minute leap and win the contest. If nothing else, Austin needs to secure state bragging rights and fend of Dallas and San Antonio who aren’t far behind in the top ten.

    Of course, the X-Men series appeals to more than just comic book fans; anyone who loves action/adventure movies, celebrity appearances, glitzy parties, and more buzz about Austin on the world stage should help out. Just follow this link to the website and spend the 15 seconds it takes to vote for Austin by entering your zip code. The location with the most votes by April 17 wins the honor of hosting the red carpet premiere. The announcement of the winner will be made on April 20th, and the big event will be held on April 27th.

    While it’s unlikely Austin will have its “Live Music Capital” title replaced anytime soon, its citizens can sure help to try an earn a subtitle.

    Written by Laurie Lyons |

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