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  • McG on a Terminator Salvation Sequel

    By | April 16, 2009


    Terminator: Salvation director McG is already talking about a Terminator 5. He recently shared that he would like Robert Patrick (T-1000 in T2) to  appear in a sequel, but has now elaborated more on specifically of how Terminator: Salvation leaves an opening to continue the story.

    McG had this to say, “The ending is indeed elliptical and it challenges the audience. It’s not a happy little bow of an ending at all. The ending is tough and requires reflection, and in some degrees it bifurcates the audience. You walk back to the car and one person thinks it means this, and the other person thinks it means that.”

    He continued with, “I would never presume there would be another picture – that is up to the audience,” McG said. “But if the audience jumps up and likes it and wants another one, Christian and I have been talking about it and we’ll see what happens.”

    I guess if we fill the seats and respond in a positive way with our dollars and cents, #5 will soon follow. Lets just hope it’s not that pesky Johnny 5…jeez don’t get me started! ;)


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