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  • Robert Rodriguez | Machete & Predator(s)

    By | April 24, 2009


    If you got a chance to see Grindhouse you may remember the mock trailers that played. One in particular was the Danny Trejo starring Machete that really stuck out. Well get ready for the feature – Robert Rodriguez will be co-directing with his editor Ethan Maniquisis on the Machete full-length film due to start shooting in June.

    For those who missed the very R Rated trailer here it is:

    The story follows a day laborer and ex-Federale Machete (Danny Trejo) hired to carry out an assassination, but double-crossed and left for dead. He goes on a quest for revenge against the man responsible. Let’s hope they keep the tag line – They just f*ed with the wrong Mexican!


    On Robert Rodriguez news day part 2, word comes that he has finished a script to revamp the Predator franchise called Predators.

    Talk is already rumbling and hopefully it will be what Aliens was to Alien, because seriously if we got another crappy Aliens Vs. Predator film I’d have to burn the building down.

    Before all this happens Rodriguez has to finish work on the sci-fi thriller Nerverackers which is due in 2010.

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