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  • Russell Brand is the new Drop Dead Fred

    By | April 28, 2009


    Russell Brand has been confirmed in the starring role for the remake of Drop Dead Fred.

    For those who were blessed enough to miss the original, Drop Dead Fred was the Rik Mayall & Phoebe Cates train wreck from 1991, in which Elizabeth (Cates) an introverted young woman is reunited with her manic imaginary friend from her childhood Fred (Mayall) who leads her to chaos and unpredictability.

    Sure enough though the film has gained a cult following over the years and I guess Universal thinks it’s large enough to enter this world where nothing is original anymore and all things must be remade. I think the studios are taking this recycling thing a bit too far.

    Dennis McNicholas will draft the script which will focus more on the world of the imaginary friends rather than  carbon copying the original with new actors in place. McNicholas is not new to this sort of writing since he’s the guy that helped pen the upcoming Will Ferrell summer comedy, Land Of The Lost.

    I’m a big fan of Russel Brand so this is news that puts me on the fence. I mean come on Hollywood…Drop Dead Fred? Really?!? Last I checked there were tons of writers out there looking for studios to read their original ideas instead of waiting in line to rewrite your biggest failures. Marc Platt the producer of Wanted will produce for Universal, and that’s at least an additional good sign.

    I do remember that a female friend of mine as a kid held Drop Dead Fred as her favorite movie but I can’t remember who it was…maybe she’ll read this and come forward. :)

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