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  • Terminator Salvation | Resistance 2018 Twitter Game

    By | April 22, 2009


    Wanna join the Resistance to battle those bastard machines from Skynet? Then get on Twitter! Yes you read that correctly…since micro blogging is the new black, Warner Bros. has launched the Resistance 2018 game.

    Below is the overview:

    Members of the human resistance are communicating with each other through Twitter. The Resistance is able to “intercept” Skynet communications, but they are decoded, incomplete or unanswered. The Resistance is turning to the Resistance2018 community to help complete these intercepts and broadcast messages in support of the cause.

    1. Follow Terminator Salvation on Twitter (@resistance2018)
    2. Log In on
    3. Watch for tweets from @resistance2018
    4. Send answers via @replies with hash tags to @resistance2018 or RT through the blog
    5. You will receive a direct messages in Twitter with point updates


    Isn’t it kind of weird to use a computer based system that’s taking over the world to battle a computer based system that’s taking over the world?!? hmmmmm

    Terminator Salvation opens on May 21st.

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