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  • Venom movie in the works

    By | April 13, 2009


    Sony Pictures and Marvel are currently planning to make a film focusing on the Spider-Man character Venom.

    Venom first appeared in the Spider-Man series in the mid-eighties and quickly became a fan favorite and Spider-Man’s arch nemesis. Venom came to be when Spider-Man/Peter Parker rejected the Alien Symbiote that was attached to his suit causing it to be black in the Secret Wars. It then attached itself to Eddie Brock who is the rival reporter of Parker at the Daily Bugle forming the creature known as Venom.

    There are no details on the plot as of yet, but screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have already turned in a first draft of the script to move things forward. “We have turned in a draft and are waiting to hear back, so it’s early in the process,” said Reese. “But it’s a thrill to be writing ‘Venom’ for obvious reasons.”Obviously, with a character like Venom there’s a ton of stuff to draw from. Then they had specific rules about the villain and the back story and stuff like that, so there were certain parameters they gave us. So with Marvel and Sony and us it’s definitely very, very collaborative.”

    The excitement and anticipation that came after the news that Venom was going to appear in Spidey 3 was enormous, but the response of the final product was as low as Venom’s actual screen time. Because of the character’s huge popularity the studio pressured Sam Raimi (even against his rejection of the idea) to add Venom as a third villain in Spider-Man 3.

    Here’s to hoping that they don’t completely screw up the Spider-Man Universe.

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