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  • Gore Verbinski brings the shock to BioShock

    By | April 8, 2009


    Gore Verbinski has lowered the anchor on his Pirates of the Caribbean run, and will not be returning for the 4th installment. He has however set sail on taking on the adaptation of the video game BioShock.

    BioShock (which I started playing last week) takes place in an alternate 1960 where a plane crash survivor named Jack swims to “safety” to an underwater city called Rapture. There he has to survive encounters with mutated inhabitants and drones that now dwell in the once normally populated city now changed by a mysterious substance called ADAM. This substance was discovered and extracted by Dr. Bridgette Tennenbaum from once unknown sea slugs and the hope was that they could be used to regenerate damaged tissue and rewrite the human genome; instead it gave them psychic powers and mutant physical abilities.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first Pirates film but felt the other two just went, well…overboard. I’m happy to see him do something again on the creepy side like he did with The Ring. Verbinski is also working on the animated film Rango with Johnny Depp who will have a starring voice role, and developing a film version of Clue.


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