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  • Danny McBride is a Hench

    By | June 5, 2009


    The awesomely funny Danny McBride is the shooting star in Hollywood right now. He continues to make his way into almost every major comedy that comes out. McBride first appeared in The Foot Fist Way and has been solidly working ever since. His smaller parts in Pineapple Express, Hot Rod, Tropic Thunder, & Observe and Report have rocketed his career into the hot seat with the starring role in his own HBO series Eastbound And Down, and supporting role in Land Of The Lost which opens today.

    Given this solid resume, it seems that he is ready to lead in the upcoming action comedy Hench. McBride will co-write Hench with Shawn Harwell based on a graphic novel by Adam Beechen and Mario Bello. McBride’s offbeat, arrogant, uncomfortable humor sounds perfect for the role as a football player who gets injured, is forced to find work, and lands a job as a henchman for a super villain.

    McBride had this to say about the announcement, “I’m pretty blown away, as you might imagine…It’s actually been in the works for a couple of months. And I wasn’t allowed to talk about it and it was driving me crazy. Only a couple of people besides me knew about it and I just wanted to climb up to the rooftop and scream about it for the last two months.”

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