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  • Guillermo Del Toro | New Zealand Tourism & The Hobbit

    By | June 29, 2009


    Now that outsider Guillermo Del Toro and his family are living in New Zealand for the production of The Hobbit, Tourism New Zealand has featured him in their latest promotional video which was filmed on location at Weta Cave Wellington, New Zealand.

    The good news for us is that he discusses shooting The Hobbit. He also talks about his fascination with monsters, his love of milk, his best selling novel The Strain, and the crazy messed up dreams he had as a child.


    It’s a must see for anyone interested in Del Toro, Hobbits, dairy, creatures, and all things Kiwi. The most relevant piece of info in the interview is where Del Toro says production on The Hobbit will start next year for a 2011 release for part 1 and a 2012 release for part 2.

    Enjoy the video below:

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