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  • The Twlight Saga: Eclipse | Start Date

    By | July 2, 2009


    New Moon doesn’t hit theaters until the end of the Fall, and by that time principal photography on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be in the can. The third film in the Twilight franchise begins shooting on August 17, with production set to wrap on Halloween in Vancouver. Pretty fitting eh?

    Eclipse sees our heroine Bella (Kristen Stewart) torn between her true love with vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson), and her friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner) the shape-shifting wolf-boy, while a new threat emerges from an insurgent army of new vampires.

    With The Twilight Saga: New Moon out on November 20, the franchise series is trucking along in a way that allows the previous release to remain fresh on the minds of fans. It also allows the stars of the films to stay close to the material and their respective characters. More on this as it progresses, stay tuned Twilighters!


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    • chris

      i think they needs more time with the 3 twilight and it sound track

    • jennifer

      I have read all four books twice, i’m now on my third time. I can’t wait for the rest of the movies, I have twlight memorized already. I’m actually waiting for breaking dawn to be made into a movie. Way to go Stephenie Meyer, I can’t wait for Midnight Sun, I need to see Edwards side to Twlight so bad.

    • Karen

      Well I loved all two twilight movies, but I hope that eclipse is better more action and most of all more edward and bella, and who cares about the puppy.

    • ana

      I agree, and i love eclipse but iheard that breaking dawn is going to be made in three parts and i just want to say that that person who made the decision suck!@#$%^&^&*()>M<?

    • loraine

      can’t wait for eclipse agree want to see more of edward and bella jacob is hot but there is something about edward’s character that just keeps you wanting more and more twilight bring it on waiting

    • amanda

      i love all the books cant wait to see eclipse all my kids love the movies wont let oldest read the books yet she is only 9 and my 2 yr old loves the movies thats all he wants to watch is twilight … i need more bella and edward i have read the book so much my books are coming apart i think i have read them prolly 10 to 15 times a piece finishing breaking dawn again then to start back again … stephanie i really wish you would go on with the series they are great

    • jaki cullen

      Hola yo amo twilight me encanta e visto las pelis mas de 100 veces
      ya lei los 5 libros y son fan nummero uno de twilight tengo mi cuarto tapizado de posters y estoy enamorada de edward