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  • Tron: Legacy (Tron 2) | Teaser Trailer

    By | July 27, 2009

    Tron Legacy banner

    Today brings the first look at the new chapter in the Tron universe that was first unveiled to the Comic-Con 2009 crowd.

    The extended bike chase on the grid is pretty amazing and the updated suits, bikes, and frizbee are all respectful upgrades from the originals. The two versions of Flynn (Jeff Bridges) in his current age and de-aged version look to be on the same level of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button FX wizardry.

    FlynnBefore FlynnAfter

    Not so much a trailer as it is a show reel of, “look at what we’re doing fanboys!”, Tron 2 which is now officially titled Tron: Legacy looks like it’s going to be a visual and virtual eyegasm. If this teaser is any indication of the final product, it may be something special.

    Enjoy the trailer below, or view it in HD here.

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