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  • Sherlock Holmes Posters *updated again*

    By | August 5, 2009


    Here are the first posters from the upcoming British “buddy cop” team of Holmes and Watson. These dashing gents will elegantly sleuth their way into theaters for the holidays in Guy Ritchie latest film, Sherlock Holmes. If you’ve seen the trailer already then you know this isn’t your Great Grandpappy’s Sherlock. Traditionally Holmes contemplates and solves his cases from the comfort of 221B Baker Street, but this version sees the detective with the people in the damp foggy avenues and alleyways of 19th century London.

    In the Westminster backdrop Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes sports a rather debonair style, but with a little scruff and bed head to youth up the dated character. At the same time Jude Law as Watson (with cane in hand) is Classy Von Classerstein in a tailored Victorian three-piece suit and classic moustache. *And now we’ve been given the third Sherlock Holmes poster  showing the sassy Rachel McAdams as the Victorian femme fatale Irene Adler. (July 27th)

    *Today (Aug. 5th) brings another new poster of Sherlock’s villain, Lord Blackwood played by Mark Strong. Blackwood is pimping his formal garb in a sinister stance, surely pondering something evil.

    Sherlock Holmes releases in theaters everywhere December 25th. Check out the trailer here and enjoy the posters below.Cheers!





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