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  • Fantastic Fest 2009 Preview

    By | September 23, 2009

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    With the insane awesomeness of Fantastic Fest 2009 only a day away, our very own Don Simpson has screened some of the films that will be featured, and provided reviews for both.

    First up is a UK film based on a true story and described by many as “A Clockwork Orange-esque”, Bronson:


    Hardy’s transcendental performance is reason enough to see Bronson – there are few performances will ever top this one. The real Michael Peterson should be proud. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, Bronson can be read as a scathing indictment of celebrity culture and glorification of violence in the media; or perhaps a critique of the prison system’s inability to rehabilitate criminals; or maybe an example of how a downtrodden economy makes some people want to go to prison for free room and board…(Read More)


    Next is the Japnesse film that recently took the 2009 Berlin Film Festival FIPRESCI Prize & Caligari Film Award. It’s got some major running time and socially awkward issues, Love Exposure (Ai no mukidashi):


    Clocking in just shy of four hours, Love Exposure spends an obscene quantity of time building the back-story of the film’s protagonist, Yu (Takahiro Nishijima)…and gratuitously focusing on panty shots…but I’ll get back to that later.

    Yu’s mother dies while he is just a child. Before she dies, Yu’s mother gives him a statue of the Virgin Mary. Yu’s father becomes a Catholic priest, but then his fancy is tickled by another woman. Overburdened by the guilt of his own actions, Yu’s father forces Yu to confess on a daily basis…(Read More)

    Stay tuned as we bring you more coverage of Fantastic Fest 2009!

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