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  • Where The Wild Things Are | Character Posters

    By | September 13, 2009


    Trailers and artwork of Spike Jonze’s adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are, continue to excite with wonderment and nostalgia. Jonze’s inspiration seems to draw from the great Jim Henson and other 80’s storytellers, and I can’t help but think about classics from my childhood like Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, and The Neverending Story. In a time when CG continues to reign supreme in the eyes of studio execs., live action still needs major presence of organic materials to bring fantasy characters to life. Where The Wilds Things Are looks like it will be a perfect marriage of  both elements.

    Below are four new posters of Max (Max Records) and Wild Things Carol (James Gandolfini), KW (Alice Parkinson), and Judith (Catherine O’Hara).

    Where The Wild Things Are hits theaters on October 16, 2009.





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