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  • Calvin Marshall | Review

    By | October 20, 2009


    Director: Gary Lundgren

    Writer(s): Gary Lundgren

    Starring: Alex Frost, Steve Zahn, Jeremy Sumpter, Michelle Lombardo

    Calvin Marshall (Alex Frost) has always dreamed of playing major league baseball, but he first needs to make the local junior college team – the Bayford Bisons. Calvin loves baseball probably more than most major league players – and definitely more than the rest of the Bayford Bisons. Calvin trains constantly – also more than the rest of the Bayford Bisons. The Bayford Bisons’ coach – Coach Little (Steve Zahn) – appreciates Calvin’s love for the game and his tenacity, but Calvin’s biggest hurdle in succeeding at baseball is that he is not a good player.

    Enter Tori Jensen (Michelle Lombardo), the gorgeous new student who also happens to be the star volleyball player. Jenson is a major league player who is slumming it in junior college in order to be close with her ailing mother. Calvin, being the sensitive and caring young man that he is, befriends Tori. There is just one snag, Calvin tells Tori that he’s the star shortstop for the baseball team; when in fact he was cut from the team for the third straight year. Feelings are hurt, hearts are broken, etc.

    Alex Frost plays Calvin like only a young John Cusack would (in my opinion, that’s a compliment!). He is sensitive, endearing and a bit nerdy while emitting an ever so cool nonchalance. Calvin is basically a baseball geek disguised as a cute guy. Everyone keeps telling Calvin that Tori is out of his league – maybe as an athlete, but not necessarily in the world of dating. Speaking of Tori…Michelle Lombardo balances the duality of the sexy jock and the sensitive daughter quite well. Then, there’s Steve Zahn, who gives one of the best performances of his career. Coach Little, a failed baseball player and alcoholic, is a rich and complex character and Zahn’s interpretation of his character is quite entertaining.

    Written and directed by Gary Lundgren, Calvin Marshall is essentially about being happy with the cards you are dealt. Many people want to be star baseball players, but that is not possible for everyone. You just need to discover what you are good at and take it from there.

    Rating: 6.5/10


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