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  • How I Got Lost | Review

    By | October 20, 2009


    Director: Joe Leonard

    Writer(s): Joe Leonard

    Starring: Aaron Stanford, Jacob Fishel, Rosemarie DeWitt, Nicole Vicius, Jill Flint, Emily Wickersham, Lily Holleman, Gregory Konow, Katie Apicella, Gregory Northrop, Peter Mayer, Aidan Nichols, John Pierson

    Cleverly and meaningfully book-ended by two significantly traumatic dates for New Yorkers in the aughts (September 11, 2001 and August 14, 2003), How I Got Lost tells the story of two friends who are caught in a downward spiral into the depths of depression – and Andrew (Aaron Stanford) and Jake (Jacob Fishel) are not just dealing with the mental repercussions of September 11th, they are both facing much more personal losses.

    Andrew has developed a taste for booze which he hopelessly attempts to balance with his career as a trader on Wall Street. Andrew’s best friend, Jake, is a broken-hearted sports writer. Jake was recently dumped by the love of his life, Sarah (Nicole Vicius), most likely for being so damned mopey about not being happy in his career (he wants to be a fiction writer – join the freakin’ club!).

    Andrew loses his Wall Street job, most likely for his irresponsible drinking, and Jake opts to assist Andrew recoup as a distraction from all that is wrong in his life. Andrew convinces Jake that they need to hit the road. (Note that Andrew is one of those friends with the ability to convince others to do things against their better judgment.) They hop a cab to Philly, where they “borrow” Andrew’s mother’s station wagon.

    Midway across Pennsylvania, Andrew reveals the true purpose of the road trip – Andrew’s father has died, and they are headed to Ohio for the funeral. During the trip, Jake encounters several people who will help him find direction in his life. Unfortunately, the trip does not have the same positive outcome for Andrew.

    Written and directed by Joe Leonard, How I Got Lost is a bittersweet and intimate drama about discovering happiness in the midst of turmoil. Life is never simple, and you cannot just throw in the towel when it gets tough. There are other fish in the sea, just like there are endless other career opportunities.

    Rating: 6/10


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