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  • Harmony and Me | Review

    By | November 16, 2009


    Director: Bob Byington

    Writer(s): Bob Byington

    Starring: Justin Rice, Kevin Corrigan, Pat Healy, Kristen Tucker, Alex Karpovsky, Allison Latta, Nick Offerman

    Harmony (Justin Rice) is not recovering very well from being dumped by Jessica (Kristen Tucker). We find him misanthropically moping through life, hating his job and constantly arguing with his family. Even piano lessons (with an unnamed character played by Jeremy Pollet) can’t clear the foggy haze from around Harmony. This is probably because Harmony is surrounded by depressed and/or mean-spirited personalities, from his friends Mike (Alex Karpovsky) and Carlos (Kevin Corrigan) to his brothers Jim (Bob Byington) and Wes (Keith Poulson). As you can imagine from the premise, there isn’t much happiness to be found within Harmony and Me; in fact, I cannot remember one pleasant or uplifting character in Harmony and Me.

    Harmony and Me features occasional glimpses of brilliant dialogue, but the film constantly finds itself being dragged back into Harmony’s place of employment – and that entire subplot just does not seem to work (that is until Harmony becomes a meter maid – then the film takes an all too late turn for the better). Nonetheless, Justin Rice makes a pitch-perfect Harmony.

    It is also worth noting that somehow The Modern Lovers’ “Government Center” sneaks its way into the plot of Harmony and Me on multiple occasions; and maybe I’m inherently prejudiced as someone who really likes this song but the scenes which feature various incarnations of this song are the true highlights. The other onscreen musical interludes also find Harmony and Me at its most entertaining.

    Rating: 3/10

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