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  • Splinterheads | Limited Release in Austin

    By | November 11, 2009


    Splinterheads will be opening this weekend at the Regal Arbor Cinema in Austin, TX, Friday, November 13th for a limited and exclusive engagement. Austin is one of three cities selected along with Portland, Oregon, and New York City to run Splinterheads’ theatrical release so far.


    Director Brant Sersen, whose previous film Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story won the Audience Award at the 2004 SXSW Film Festival, will be in attendance at the November 13th opening; with leading man Thomas Middleditch possibly joining as well.

    Splinterheads premiered at the 2009 SXSW Film Festival. If you were in Austin this past weekend, you may have also seen the Splinterheads dunking booth at Fun Fun Fun Fest.

    Read the review by clicking here.


    SPLINTERHEADS introduces rapidly-rising improvisational comic Thomas Middleditch as Justin Frost, a twenty-something slacker whose “thing” is that he has no “thing” at all. Then, one summer night, he visits a touring carnival and meets a small time con artist, or “splinterhead” (Rachael Taylor of “Transformers”) who works one of the booths. This gorgeous blonde has more “things” going for her than anyone Justin has ever met: her name is Galaxy; she sports assorted tattoos; she has a ferociously possessive, possibly psychopathic boyfriend with a Mohawk (Dean Winters, of HBO’s “Oz”); and she has a fascinating hobby, called “geocaching,” that Justin has never even heard of. This very 21st Century pastime, part treasure hunt, part trek, and pure adventure, involves finding secret “caches” that have been hidden in remote spots with assorted clues guiding the way. Armed with her GPS, Galaxy takes Justin on one of her expeditions, and from that day forward, for him, there is no turning back.

    Rounding out the unique comic universe of SPLINTERHEADS is an eclectic ensemble cast including Lea Thompson (“Back To The Future”) as Justin’s overly indulgent mom; Christopher McDonald (“Happy Gilmore”) as the love-struck cop who keeps arresting Justin to get his mom’s attention; Frankie Faison (HBO’s “The Wire”) as the strapping splinterhead who seduces Justin’s amorous aunt; and newcomer Jason Rogel, as Justin’s best friend, a lawn-care professional who likes more than one kind of “grass.”

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