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  • Terminator | FOR SALE

    By | November 4, 2009


    The production company Halcyon, that made Terminator Salvation and owns the Terminator rights, has put the property up for sale. The sale will not include any releases of the franchise to date, but for any future films made. Given the potential of what could be done with it, every major studio is showing great interest as wells as the smaller ones like Summit Entertainment (Twilight, New Moon), Platinum Equity and Media Rights Capital (The Box).

    Since Warner Brothers held US distribution rights to Terminator Salvation, and Sony Pictures handled the rest of the globe, they have positioned themselves as the two leading contenders for the franchise. With Salvation not living up to the box office success of the fist three films, and the cancellation (of the very well made) TV series The Sarah Connor Chronicles, there’s no doubt a value loss in this future killing machines’ stock. We’ll keep an eye on this, so stay tuned.

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