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  • Dave’s Top 10 of 2009

    By | December 31, 2009

    My 2009 Top 10 comes in shy a few films that I’ve personally missed (The Box, Up In The Air, Nine, The Road) due to holiday travels and kid wonderment fulfillment. Regardless of the ones I missed, I really loved some of 2009 and have put together my top 10 films that provided me the most enjoyment and pleasurable viewing experiences that stuck with me for days weeks and hours. So check out my list below and feel free to leave a comment in agreement or in rebuttal discussing your own favorites of 2009. Happy New Year kids!

    10. The Informant!

    Soderbergh’s The Informant! is probably his most cohesive film since Traffic, balancing all of his greatest directorial strengths: spot-on cinematography; soundtracks with purpose and meaning; quirky, yet sometimes uncomfortably dark, humor; incredibly strong and unrestrained acting performances; highly imaginative costume and set design; and bitterly relevant political and social commentary (sometimes via metaphor, other times more directly). -Don Simpson

    9. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    Nobody is trying to peddle action figures or fast-food kids meals here, as Half-Blood Prince is completely dedicated to delivering true well crafted storytelling.From the sweet teenage romances (which are somewhat overbearing at times) to the dark expansion of the mythology, Half-Blood Prince comes away as the most satisfying year at Hogwarts so far. – Dave Campbell

    8. Bronson

    Hardy’s transcendental performance is reason enough to see Bronson – there are few performances will ever top this one. The real Michael Peterson should be proud. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, Bronson can be read as a scathing indictment of celebrity culture and glorification of violence in the media; or perhaps a critique of the prison system’s inability to rehabilitate criminals; or maybe an example of how a downtrodden economy makes some people want to go to prison for free room and board… -Don Simpson

    7. District 9

    Sharlto Copley who plays MNU Field Operative Wikus van der Merwe, does a pretty brilliant job of taking a character from a state of ignorant bliss to a complete intellectual and emotional awakening. The effects, sets, and art design on this film are quite stunning and it is simply remarkable what they were able to accomplish on a $30 million dollar budget. -Dave Campbell

    6. Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds is everything we’ve come to want/expect a Tarantino movie to be since Reservoir Dogs set the gold standard. An awesome plot. Stunning performances. A kitsch soundtrack. Awesomely tense dialogue throughout. Where it differs from other Tarantino films, is that this is one of the first films Quentin has produced that felt like it didn’t have to use all the Tarantino tricks of the trade to stand out. -JP Chapman

    5. Star Trek

    Writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman managed to write story that is capable of fitting in as a sequel, a prequel, or a total reboot of the entire universe itself…which is pretty genius if you ask this guy. We are treated with faithful one liners, catch phrases, and cameos that give a heavy nod to the past but without looking back. This Star Trek charges forward with an enthusiasm and punch, something that the previous variations did not. -Dave Campbell

    4. Watchmen

    Zack Snyder has handled the delicate task of accomplishing something special with a story cherished by so many. I even agree with the changes made to the end of the story which I think holds up much better in the film medium. -Dave Campbell

    3. Where The Wild Things Are

    Spike Jonze leads a creative team to conceive a beautifully cute, instant classic, that will be among the childhood greats that a kid of the 70’s & 80’s (like myself) have waited to see again. Not since the great days of the legend Jim Henson (The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth) have we seen something so magical and artistic, lacking the clichés of typical family throw away films. -Dave Campbell

    2. UP

    UP presents us with more than just great animation and hilarious adventure by exploring deep issues and situations in the lives of its characters. Supported with rich emotional development (queue several misty eyed moments), UP transcends demographic walls. Whether you take your kindergartner, a hot date, or your 95 year old grandma, UP is something that will satisfy any human with a beating heart. -Dave Campbell

    1. Moon

    Moon is the most compelling piece of classic science-fiction added to the genre in over a decade. Director Duncan Jones (son of a one David Bowie), has exploded onto the scene with his first feature film. An incredibly amazing feat that was accomplished at an unheard of $5 million dollar price tag.The film is as much a look into the human psyche as it is a look at corporate deception and conspiracy. Moon is complex in the most satisfying of ways and poses a host of questions about humanity. -Dave Campbell

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