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  • The Austin Premiere of Temple Grandin

    By | February 6, 2010

    On Thursday evening, I headed down to the Austin Convention Center to see the red carpet premiere of Temple Grandin — an HBO Films bio-pic about an autistic woman who has become one of top scientists in humane livestock handling. Unfortunately, I missed the red carpet entrance but I did have enough time to scarf down a few veggie sushi rolls and chug a free beer (if I would have known that the reception beforehand would feature yummy vegetarian fare as well as free beer and wine, I would have gotten to the Convention Center much earlier!).

    Why was this high-falootin’ hoo-ha in Austin of all places? Well, though none of the film appears to take place in Texas, Temple Grandin was shot in and around Austin with a plethora of locally grown talent. Dr. Temple Grandin, Jenni Sherwood (Vice President of HBO Films) and the film’s director, Mick Jackson, were in attendance along with most of the local cast and crew. Noticeably missing from the event were the marquee stars of the film (Claire Danes, David Strathairn, Catherine O’Hara and Julia Ormond).

    Jackson introduced the film and Grandin addressed the audience at the conclusion of the film. Grandin expressed her initial skepticism with Claire Danes portraying her, but said that she was won-over by Danes performance (I shared the same skepticism and was also won-over by Danes). Grandin also gave her stamp of approval regarding the authenticity of the film – noting that Jackson was really able to get inside her head in order to accurately show the world as she sees it. Speaking of how Grandin sees the world…everyone that attended the screening was privy to a complimentary copy of one of Grandin’s most notable books – Thinking in Pictures: and Other Reports from My Life with Autism.

    Temple Grandin will premiere on HBO February 6, 2010. Check your local television listings for details.

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    • Adelaide Dupont

      Do treasure your copy of Thinking in Pictures, as it is a diagram of Grandin’s mind, according to a review the first go-round.

      Glad you were able to eat those sushi rolls.