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  • SXSW FILM 2010 Shorts | Review

    Equestrian Sexual Response, Going Back, Lunch Watching TV (Comer Viendo la Tele), Not Interested

    By | March 19, 2010

    Equestrian Sexual Response

    Director: Zeke Hawkins

    Writer: Courtney Stephens

    19 minutes

    Alice (Christina Robinson) lives on a horse ranch with her father (Scott Roberts) – her mother moved away when she divorced Alice’s father. Alice’s favorite horse (and confidante) is Red, and Red is in love with a horse named Molly. Red was meant to be a racehorse (and possibly a mate for Molly?) but his bad heart prohibited him from ever achieving that destiny. Ready to breed a racehorse from birth, Alice’s father hires a stud horse to impregnate Molly. Red and Alice are both emotionally devastated by witnessing this event. Still confused by her parents’ divorce, and now Molly has now cheated on Red, Alice is developing a different sexual awareness than her classmates at school. Once again AFI has given us another quality film. Christina Robinson’s strong performance and Zeke Hawkins self-restrained directorial reigns keep Equestrian Sexual Response from ever becoming too emotionally trite or goofy.

    Rating: 7/10


    Going Back

    Director: Adam Keleman

    Writer: Adam Keleman

    11 minutes

    We meet Lorna (Lauren Glazier) in a hotel room. She is rummaging through the classifieds in an attempt to find an administrative position. (We learn later that Lorna had previously left this sad and lonely town – where she grew up – for a career as a model in Los Angeles.) Eventually Lorna receives a phone call from a friend and schedules a rendezvous with him at the local diner. The waitress at the diner, Frances (Mikka Dargel), recognizes Lorna and tries to initiate a conversation with her. Lorna, obviously uncomfortable in this situation, opts to wait for her ride outside. Going Back is for those of us who left our hometown for – at least what seemed to be – greener pastures. Writer-director Adam Keleman conveys – via Lauren Glazier and albeit with extremely little dialog – the mental struggles and hardships that are endured when you must return to that hometown that you once ran away from so quickly.

    Rating: 8/10


    Lunch Watching TV (Comer Viendo la Tele)

    Director: Alfonso Nogueroles

    Writer: Raúl Perera de Vicente

    5 minutes

    What better thing to do while enjoying some eggs, fries, beer and bread than watch some television? On this fateful day, the television is overwhelmed with national and international crises. There are reports of hatred, death, mayhem, political turmoil…but what else is new? Well, today something odd happens; and soon its time to change the channel to football (meaning soccer). Lunch Watching TV poses some of the questions I ask of people that “enjoy” watching Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc. (pick your poison) all day – especially while eating meals. The constant borage of hatred and violence cannot be good for anyone – especially while trying to digest food. Now, football (meaning soccer) on the other hand…

    Rating: 7.5/10


    Not Interested

    Director: D.W. Young

    Writer: D.W. Young

    9 minutes

    A young knife salesman (Khan Baykal) smokes a joint while driving to a house call in the suburbs. Sure, he arrives at the house a bit dazed and confused but he is expecting just another routine sales appointment. (His job is different from being a door-to-door sales person – his customers specifically requested his visit online.) But upon opening the door, Ms. Samuelson (Leslie Hendrix) seems unusually upset and annoyed with his presence. But…Mr. Samuelson requested this visit? Well, Mr. Samuelson is not around. (Hint: she’s referring to herself as “Ms.”) Eventually we find out just why Ms. Samuelson is acting so strange, and this house call takes a very strange turn. Writer-director D.W. Young shows us how some salespeople (if not people in general) are just not as adept at verbal and non-verbal communication as they used to be. Could it have something to do with the internet? Hmm…

    Rating: 7/10

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