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  • SXSW FILM DAY 3 | Don Simpson


    By | March 15, 2010

    Well, I started Sunday off on the wrong foot or maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed or the gods were against me…who knows what was going wrong…but most of my afternoon was spent at the Four Seasons seated at a round table, with 11 other critics, patiently awaiting my chance to ask Jay and Mark Duplass some questions. Let’s just say that the interview did not go as planned and you probably won’t be reading any interviews associated with Cyrus on Smells Like Screen Spirit. Trust me, I am probably even more disappointed than you.

    So my first film of the day was Mr. Nice – a rather oddball picture (based on a true story) about a marijuana dealer from Wales named Howard Marks (Rhys Ifans). Mr. Nice was a bit too similar to Blow for me (albeit with a different drug). As seems to be my M.O. for this week, I am still digesting it. Ifans performance was great, though I don’t really understand the casting of Chloe Sevigny (admittedly, the reason I chose to see Mr. Nice) as the woman who eventually becomes Mr. Marks. Sevigny’s British accent was all over the place, and sometimes it went away completely – and that bugs me. Visually, Mr. Nice – essentially a period piece taking place primarily in the 1960s and 70s, was very appealing.

    Then, rather than waiting in the massive line for Elektra Luxx, I opted to meet up with Dirk at the screening of Bear Nation. (Luck seems to have been on my side with this decision, since the projector broke during Elektra Luxx.) I liked Bear Nation and I think its a really important story to tell but…I think it felt like it might have been missing something. It seemed like most of the talking head interviews were saying the same things over and over again. By the end of the film, I was really tiring of the repetition. It seemed a little too long too. But, I have to admit that bears do know how to party and they treated us non-bears very kindly with an open bar after party at the Red 7. Bob Mould was deejaying – which, as a fan of Husker Du and Sugar, was a blast to see. Prior to last night I would have never pictured Mould in that element, playing electronic dance music and dancing! It was pretty awesome to witness. Afterwards, we tried to find the Putty Hill party on the east side. We got to the location, but the party was either gone or really small. Nonetheless, the Liberty was a nice low-key ending to what started as a very frustrating and tedious day.

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