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  • Michael Bay says Transformers 3 will be different…

    the villain will also be Shockwave

    By | June 10, 2010

    Source: via USA Today

    So, we’re all aware that Michael Bay’s Transformers 2 was extremely popular among audiences last summer and banked $836 million worldwide to prove it. In fact it was only second in box-office to the number one film of all time (dollars wise) James Cameron’s Avatar. It’s also well known that it was slammed by the majority of critics for about every reason imaginable.

    For example, here’s a taste of the review by yours truely:

    “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen presents some of the most beautifully rendered imagery ever to be captured on screen, while simultaneously providing some of the most mind numbing garbage for dialogue ever delivered on screen. I grew up watching and playing with the toys from Transformers Generation 1 and I also really enjoyed the film Transformers from 2007, but Revenge of the Fallen has totally switched gears and lacks the charm and limited comic relief that was well balanced in the previous film.

    This time around we are introduced to the Transformers Skids and Mudflap (aka the Twins). They represent the most annoyingly offensive ethnic caricatures I have ever seen. I don’t remember Cybertron having a ghetto, and I certainly don’t remember  “bitch”, “pussy”, and “punk-ass” as being the three most used words of the inhabitant’s vocabulary. These two characters alone gain the majority of my negative marks towards the film. They are like having two Jar Jar Binks in the same movie. I couldn’t help but cringe every never ending minute where they appeared on screen.”

    This is what Bay and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura had to say about the critical response to Revenge of the Fallen and what direction Transformers 3 would be headed in:

    “I’ll take some of the criticism,” says Bay, standing at a set built to resemble a dilapidated nuclear reactor. “It was very hard to put (the sequel) together that quickly after the writers’ strike (of 2007-08).”

    Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura says the rush strained the plot: “We tried to do too many things in the second movie, which didn’t give enough time in any one of them. We were constantly jumping to the next piece of information, the next place.”

    Bay is not one for mea culpas, but he says he can do better. “This one really builds to a final crescendo. It’s not three multiple endings,” the director says.

    Bay calls the second film’s villain, The Fallen, “kind of a (expletive) character.” The new movie’s foe is certain to make fans of the original ’80s incarnation smile: Shockwave, the robot cyclops-turned-laser-cannon, who became dictator of their home world of Cybertron after the other Autobots and Decepticons journeyed to Earth.

    “One thing we’re getting rid of is what I call the dorky comedy,” Bay adds. So the twins, the two bumbling, slang-spewing robots? “They’re basically gone,” he says, though John Turturro returns for comic relief.

    Plot details are under wraps, but it delves into the space race between the U.S.S.R. and the USA, suggesting there was a hidden Transformers role in it all that remains one of the planet’s most dangerous secrets. “The movie is more of a mystery,” Bay says. “It ties in what we know as history growing up as kids with what really happened.”

    Bay hints that there may be a lot of that. “As a trilogy, it really ends,” he says. “It could be rebooted again, but I think it has a really killer ending.”

    So Michael Bay says he hears us and that Transformers 3 is in for a big change. Are you with him? Do you even care? Let us know what you think below.

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