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  • WINNEBAGO MAN | Austin Homecoming EXCLUSIVE!

    Jack Rebney Q&A Phone Call 8.21.10 Austin, TX

    By | August 23, 2010

    Last night Smells Like Screen Spirit Executive Writer Don Simpson (Winnebago Man | Review) and I had the pleasure to attend the Winnebago Man homecoming screening at The Alamo Drafthouse S. Lamar in Austin, TX. Not only did we get to sit and enjoy the film with an Alamo Drafthouse crowd, but the filmmakers (Director: Ben Steinbauer, Producer: Joel Heller) were also in attendance to bring the documentary full-circle by introducing and holding a special Q&A after the screening. What made this Q&A so special you ask? Well, just as the Q&A was getting fired up, director Ben Steinbauer pulls out his mobile phone and calls up the legendary Winnebago Man himself, Jack Rebney.

    For those of you that are unaware of the man who is also known as ‘The Angriest Man in the World”…

    WINNEBAGO MAN tells the story of an unlikely folk hero named Jack Rebney, an 80-year-old curmudgeon, who The New Yorker describes as a cross between John Wayne, Robin Williams and a Royal Tenenbaum. Rebney was a former CBS news producer who ended up filming RV commercials in the 80s, and had his outrageously hilarious outbursts captured on camera. These outtakes became one of the first Internet videos to go “viral” – and they have now been seen by more than 20 million people.

    Filmmaker Ben Steinbauer sets out to find Rebney, who it turns out has been living a hermit-like existence on a mountain top since he disappeared nearly 20 years ago. WINNEBAGO MAN is a smart, funny and an unexpectedly redemptive tale of one man’s response to unintended celebrity, and proof that sometimes the truth is both stranger and funnier than fiction.

    Jack Rebney is brilliantly long winded enough, so without further ado I have done everyone a kindness and provided my full recording of Ben’s phone call to Jack below. Enjoy!

    Winnebago Man (Jack Rebney) Q&A phone call 8-21-10 Austin, TX (Winnebago Man) from Smells Like Screen Spirit on Vimeo.

    Winnebago Man director Ben Steinbauer calls the Winnebago Man himself Jack Rebney for the Austin homecoming screening at The Alamo Drafthouse S. Lamar in Austin, TX.

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