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  • Fourplay: San Francisco | Review

    aGLIFF 2010 (Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival)

    By | September 5, 2010

    Director: Kyle Henry

    Writer: Carlos Trevino

    Staring: Paul Soileau, Cyndi Williams, Gary Chason

    Aliya (Paul Soileau), a stunningly styled transvestite prostitute, is hired by Anne (Cyndi Williams) for her dying husband, Tom (Gary Chason). Tom is bedridden and permanently attached to a respirator, he can only communicate via blinking his eyes (one for “no,” two for “yes”) and he only has feeling in his extremities. Lucky for Tom, he can feel his toes! Aliya sure can work wonders with her clients’ toes!

    Essentially a two-character one-act play, Soileau’s (whom some might know as Christeene or Rebecca Havemeyer) onscreen chemistry with Chason is pitch perfect. Soileau plays Aliya with tenderness and delicacy; occasionally she reveals subtle glimpses of apprehension and fear while navigating her client, obviously not wanting to cause any damage to his fragile being.

    Directed by Kyle Henry (Room), written by Carlos Trevino and shot by PJ Ravel, Fourplay: San Francisco offers a very positive perspective on one fateful night’s work for a transvestite prostitute. A tranquil yet humorous meditation on the healing and relating parts of relationships, Henry’s film goes well beyond sexual transgressions, delving deep into the human condition.

    Fourplay is executive produced by Jim McKay & Michael Stipe and produced by Jason Wehling. Shot in 2009, San Francisco is the first in a four-part series by Henry which promises “four transgressions, four transmissions, four true tales of sexual intimacy.” Each segment will take place in a different city (the other three cities are Austin, Tampa, and West Haven).

    Fourplay: San Francisco is currently available on VOD and DVD download from Indiepix.

    Rating: 8/10

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