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  • Alamo Drafthouse Intros A New Logo!

    By | December 14, 2010

    “The best theater in America” (The Alamo Drafthouse) has released their new logo via the branding consultancy agency Guerilla Suit. This is just the beginning, as Guerilla Suit will further develop and expand on the many mediums of The Alamo Drafthouse branding. The new logo will start appearing in theaters over the holidays, and spread like a virus throughout 2011.

    “We went into the process of refining our brand without being really sure of what we were looking for,” said Henri Mazza, Chief Creative Officer for the Alamo Drafthouse. “Through a series of explorations with the team at Guerilla Suit, we realized that our ultimate goal wasn’t to redefine anything about the Alamo brand – which is clearly something Tim and I are both passionate about – but rather to strengthen the elements that have been there all along. I think the new logo roots us firmly in the past with its similar letter shapes and familiar colors, but the updates, most notably the addition of packaging and the reshaping of the L, should set a foundation for the brand to stand on as we continue growing. I can’t wait to start showing off the rest of the things we’re building with Guerilla Suit.”

    “We feel at home here and we are psyched to be working with such a strong creative team at the Alamo Drafthouse.” James Moody, Principal at Guerilla Suit, said today. “Its so great to go from sitting in the seats every weekend to walking behind the screen to work with guys like Tim and Henri. We can’t wait to see how other cities react to the legendary Drafthouse show experience.”

    For more info, head over to the Alamo Blog:

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