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  • Alison Bagnall (The Dish & the Spoon) | Video Interview

    Cinema East 2011 | Austin, TX

    By | August 24, 2011

    Every other Sunday in Austin, TX from May 29th – Sept 4th, Cinema East is hosting outdoor film screenings at the French Legation Museum. On August 7th we had the pleasure of speaking with Alison Bagnall about her film The Dish & the Spoon.

    “Bagnall (who co-wrote Buffalo ‘66 with Vincent Gallo) takes a fairly extreme risk allowing Gerwig to portray Rose’s turmoil and anguish with intense sincerity during some scenes while playing the same emotions for comedic affect in other scenes. Bagnall also reveals a real (or reel) knack for never allowing The Dish & the Spoon to veer too far into the realm of overly precious tweeness. Recalling Blue Valentine, an all-so-cute song and dance scene is one of the lighthearted highlights of an otherwise emotionally emancipating film. The Dish & the Spoon is incredibly sincere and brutally honest in its portrayal of the highs and lows of relationships — especially in its representation of the rage and sadness that are closely associated with romance.” – Don Simpson




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