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  • Inside Out | Review

    By | September 9, 2011

    Director: Artie Mandelberg

    Writer: Dylan Schaffer

    Starring: Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Michael Rapaport, Parker Posey, Michael Cudlitz, Julie White, Bruce Dern

    Presented by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Inside Out is the sad and sorry story of an ex-con, AJ (Paul “Triple H” Levesque), who has just been released from prison after 13-years. When AJ was shipped off to prison, his whiny and fast-talking BFF Jack (Michael Rapaport) stayed behind to console, then marry, AJ’s high-school sweetheart (Parker Posey) before starting a family with her. For whatever reason, AJ does not seem to care; all he wants to do is rebuild his life and become a pickle-maker (umm…what?!), but Jack has other plans concerning bootleg cigarettes and a misfired gun.

    Inside Out is more Lifetime than World Wrestling Entertainment. It is a hokey “chick flick” dressed up as a “guy flick” with overbearing messages about friendship, murder and betrayal. If the dialogue is supposed to be laugh out loud funny, then maybe it succeeds on that front; otherwise, Inside Out will probably go down in history as the film with the most disappointing acting turns by Rapaport and Posey.

    Rating: 2/10

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