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  • Snowman’s Land | Review


    By | September 29, 2011

    Director: Tomasz Thomson

    Writer: Tomasz Thomson

    Starring: Jürgen Rißmann, Thomas Wodianka, Reiner Schöne, Eva-Katrin Hermann, Waléra Kanischtscheff, Luc Feit

    Walter (Jürgen Rißmann) is a hit man who has just shot the wrong guy. Obviously in the need of a break, a fellow hit man encourages Walter to replace him on an assignment in unpopulated region of Germany for some rest and relaxation. As if the densely-forested and mountainous terrain was not foreboding enough, it is the dead of winter and the road conditions are less than adequate.

    On this ambiguous assignment, Walter is teamed up with another hit man — Mickey (Thomas Wodianka). Together they arrive at their employer Berger’s (Reiner Schöne) secluded mansion only to discover that he is nowhere to be found; and Berger’s young girlfriend Sibylle (Eva-Katrin Hermann) is not very accommodating to the hapless duo.

    Walter and Mickey quickly discover that Sibylle is a wild woman — she takes drugs, hosts orgy parties for her clients, and appears in naked photos. From there, an absurd comedy of errors promptly commences in this Fargo-esque farce. The sheer incompetence of the two hit men is all Snowman’s Land has going for it. Otherwise, the script is terribly inconsistent and the dramatic twists — most of which are more ridiculous than surprising — are shamelessly forced and contrived.

    Rating: 4/10


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