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  • Some Guy Who Kills People | Review


    By | October 19, 2011

    Director: Jack Perez

    Writer: Ryan Levin

    Starring: Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Karen Black, Leo Fitzpatrick, Ariel Gade, Lucy Davis, Eric Price, Lou Beatty Jr.

    Will Kevin Corrigan — the indie film darling who was rivaled only by Steve Buscemi in his near-infinite number of quirky supporting roles clocked in during the 1990s — ever live down “that ugly guy” (Walking and Talking) moniker? Probably not — because as Some Guy Who Kills People‘s Ken, Corrigan becomes one of the ugliest characters of them all.

    A 34-year old, socially awkward, sad-sack loser — oh, and former mental patient — Ken works at a local ice cream parlor and lives with his disapproving mom (Karen Black). Otherwise, Ken just keeps to himself and sketches fantastical images of himself murdering the high school bullies who tortured him as a teenager, made him suicidal and essentially got him away in the loony bin for god knows how long.

    One fateful day, Ken discovers that he has an 11-year old daughter, Amy (Ariel Gade); he also stumbles upon a potential love interest, Stephanie (Lucy Davis). Add a sprinkling of some off-beat cops (Eric Price and Barry Bostwick), and you have a witty black comedy about some guy who is a mysterious serial killer. Some Guy Who Kills People might have a moral about bullies buried somewhere in the story, but does it really matter? Are you really going to watch a film titled Some Guy Who Kills People for its strong moral fiber? Oh, and keep any eye out for a humorously placed lens flare a little over an hour into the film. It is absolutely priceless.

    Rating: 6/10

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