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  • You Hurt My Feelings | Review


    By | October 25, 2011

    Writer: Steve Collins

    Director: Steve Collins

    Starring: John Merriman, Courtney Davis, Macon Blair

    Lily (Lily Collins) is an incredibly opinionated two-year-old.  Johnny (John Merriman) certainly has his hands full taking care of her and her younger sister Violet (Violet Collins).  Johnny is a man searching for happiness and reconciliation with his girlfriend, Courtney (Courtney Davis). You Hurt My Feelings, written and directed by Steve Collins, explores the relationship between Johnny, Courtney and Courtney’s new beau Macon (Macon Blair) with splashes of lighthearted humor that only a precious child can provide.

    Scruffy and depressed, Johnny is the nanny of Lily and Violet.  In his spare time, he tries to reconcile with Courtney who is now dating Macon.  In a strange turn of events, Macon and Johnny become drinking buddies, both concerned about how similar they look.  As the bleak, snowy winter changes to spring, Johnny begins to warm up a bit to taking care of the ridiculously adorable sisters as well as proving to Courtney that he is ready to take the next step in their relationship.

    Collins uses little dialogue throughout the film, and sometimes the only voice of reason is that of Lily.  Much of the film is shot out of doors, with the seasons showing the various stages of Johnny’s relationship with Courtney.  You Hurt My Feelings is both somber and humorous, in a heartbreaking way, as Johnny isn’t quite sure of what he wants. 

    Rating: 8/10

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