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  • Sleep Study | Review

    AFI Fest 2011

    By | November 2, 2011

    Directors: Kerri Lendo, John Merriman

    Writers: Kerri Lendo, John Merriman

    Starring: Kerri Lendo, John Merriman, J. Kevin Smith

    Are you having difficulties sleeping? Well, you should probably drop whatever you are doing and visit John Merriman. Wait, that could be totally be taken the wrong way — as if Merriman will lull you into a deep sleep because he is so damn boring to be around. That is not what I am alluding to at all. In “fact”, Merriman is a “doctor” and he is “conducting” a sleep “study.”

    Do you need an example of his “brilliance” before “committing” yourself? Well, sit back and observe the dark secrets that Merriman is able to unlock from within Kerri Lendo’s dream state. Pretty wacky, huh? Well, just you wait because this surreal little short film has much bigger tricks hidden up its proverbial sleeves. Let us just say that Sleep Study has more layers than your average onion, and as you peel off the layers you will cry tears of joy. Was that a little too much? Way too much? Really? So, I should probably tone it down a notch…or two? Ah, screw it!

    Rating: 7/10

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