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  • Cinema Six | Trailer

    DIFF 2012

    By | February 20, 2012

    You have probably noticed that Smells Like Screen Spirit rarely posts trailers, but we are making an exception for Mark Potts and Cole Selix’s newest film Cinema Six. This is a film I personally have been waiting for ever since I interviewed Mark Potts, Cole Selix and Brand Rackley during the 2010 Austin Film Festival. At that point, Cinema Six was a mere glimmer in their eyes…but now that baby is ready to come out of their collective womb and greet the world at the 2012 Dallas International Film Festival. (I will refrain from making any nasty comments about SXSW at this juncture.)

    In my 2010 Austin Film Festival review of S&M Lawn Care I stated that “S&M Lawn Care is a million times funnier than The Other Guys, Get Him to the Greek or Funny People…” and I still stand firmly behind that claim. After watching the trailer for Cinema Six, I have no doubt that I will love it even more than S&M Lawn Care. The cast alone — John Merriman, Mark Potts, Brand Rackley, Chris Doubek, and plenty of great cameos — has me as giddy as a wee little school girl waiting for her father to bring home a new puppy…heck, make that a pony…a pink pony!

    But, I digress… And rather than forcing you to read any more of my senseless jibber-jabber, let’s get on to the trailer of Cinema Six. Oh, and one last thing… Fuck you, waffle!

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