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  • True/False Film Fest 2012

    TRUE/FALSE 2012

    By | February 8, 2012

    True/False 2011 marked my very first trip to Columbia and boy did I walk away smitten with the quaint Missouri college town. I loved the restaurants (especially Main Squeeze!), cafes and bars; the local people (many of whom worked as volunteers for True/False) were incredibly friendly and accommodating; and Columbia was just a great city for walking around (despite the cold temperatures outside).

    Thanks to the condensed layout of the venues, I relied solely upon the soles of my feet for transportation around True/False. Most of the theaters are not traditional theatrical venues (meaning the projector and screen are not permanent fixtures in the venues); instead, True/False converts hotel ballrooms, music venues and churches into uniquely atmospheric theaters. (My past experiences with makeshift theatrical venues at film festivals has been sour at best, due primarily to poor projection quality and seemingly unavoidable technical problems, but the projection and sound at True/False was consistently exemplary.)

    Besides the plethora of amazing documentaries (several of which made my Favorite Documentary Films of 2011 list), True/False brilliantly interweaves live music into the festival – most screenings feature an opening band or busker who perform while festival-goers settle into their seats (some of my personal favorites from T/F 2011 were Bramble, Cindy Wolfe, Nature Walk, Richard the Lionhearted, and Run On Sentence).

    To be perfectly frank, I have been counting the days to T/F 2012 ever since I drove away from T/F 2011. Today’s announcement of the line-up for T/F 2012 escalated my anticipation tenfold… So, without further ado…

    An international lineup of 38 feature films and 19 short was unveiled today by organizers of the True/False Film Festival.

    True/False 2012 Features
    Bully : Lee Hirsch
    ¡Vivan Las Antipodas! : Victor Kossakovsky
    1/2 Revolution : Omar Shargawi and Karim El Hakim
    Abendland : Nikolaus Geyrhalter
    Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry : Alison Klayman
    The Ambassador : Mads Brügger
    Argentinian Lesson : Wojciech Staron
    The Belovs : Victor Kossakovsky
    Building Babel : David Osit
    Canícula : Jose Ãlvarez
    Comic‐Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope : Morgan Spurlock
    The Connection : Shirley Clarke
    Detropia : Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady
    Going Up the Stairs : Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami
    Gypsy Davy : Rachel Leah Jones
    Herman’s House : Angad Bhalla Sub. by Ed Barreveld
    How to Survive a Plague : David France
    The Imposter : Bart Layton
    The Island President : Jon Shenk
    Low & Clear : Kahlil Hudson and Tyler Hughen
    Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present : Matthew Akers
    Me @ The Zoo : Chris Moukarbel and Valerie Veatch
    Only the Young : Elizabeth Mims and Jason Tippet
    The Queen of Versailles : Lauren Greenfield
    Searching for Sugar Man : Malik Bendjelloul
    Secret Screening BLUE
    Secret Screening GOLD
    Secret Screening GREEN
    Secret Screening LAVENDER
    Secret Screening ORANGESecret Screening PURPLE
    Secret Screening RED
    Summer of Giacomo : Alessandro Comodin
    WIP: These Birds Walk: Omar Mullick and Bassam Tariq
    Undefeated : Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin
    V/H/S : Adam Wingard, Glenn McQuaid, Radio Silence, David Bruckner, Joe Swanberg, and Ti West
    The Vanishing Spring Light : Xun “Fish” Yu
    The Waiting Room : Peter Nicks

    True/False 2012 Shorts
    Grandpa Looked Like William Powell : David B. Levy
    Old Man and the Lady : Markku Heikkinen
    1989 (When I was 5 Years Old) : Thor Ochner
    Aaron Burr, Pt. 2 or Aaron Burr, Part 2 : Dana O’Keefe
    Goodbye, Mandima : Robert‐Jan Lacombe
    Claes : Martina Carlstedt
    Where is My Mind? : Martin Ginestie
    Heart : Jeremy Zagar
    Four Cubic Feet of Space : Tony Gault
    Back to Land : Tijana Petrovic
    The Lion Wearers : Narges Abyar
    Full‐Time Ministry : Helen Scheer
    Sunshine : Doug Nichol
    Family Nightmare : Dustin Guy Defa
    Into The Middle of Nowhere : Anna Frances Ewert
    Paraíso : Nadav Kurtz
    Meaning of Robots : Matt Lenski
    Love Competition : Brent Hoff
    Pluto Declaration : Travis Wilkerson

    For more information go to the True/False 2012 website.

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