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  • Hunky Dory | Review

    SXSW FILM 2012

    By | March 11, 2012

    Director: Marc Evans

    Writer: Laurence Coriat

    Starring: Minnie Driver, Aneurin Barnard, Danielle Branch, Robert Pugh, Haydn Gwynne, Steve Speirs, Aled Pugh, Julia Perez

    I went into Hunky Dory expecting it to be a combination of Dazed and Confused and Starter For Ten with a Glee-esque musical element. I left the screening yawning with absolute boredom. Technically, there is nothing wrong with Hunky Dory, it is just — to quote The Smiths — “dial a cliché.”

    Other than a handful of highly creative interpretations of David Bowie and Nick Drake songs, the plot covers the same old “the show must go on” terrain. All of the typical character types are present; as are the usual plot devices. I kept waiting for something special or unique to happen, but every scene grew increasingly predictable. Ground Control to Major Tom, this shit is really boring…

    But, basically it is the summer of 1976 and Vivienne (Minnie Driver) is the music teacher at a school in Swansea, Wales. Her students are preparing for a glam rock infused production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The general consensus around the working class town is that “self expression does not butter the parsnips,” so most of Vivienne’s students have other priorities that they place above the musical. Luckily, the two stars — Davy (Aneurin Barnard – dude, I recognize you from Citadel) and Evan (Tomos Harries) — seem to be the only ones who take things seriously; but even they are dealing with romantic drama that seems to distract them on occasion. That’s about it…

    Essentially, Marc Evans’ Hunky Dory is a 1970s British glam rock version of Glee; but, for the love of Bowie, I just wish there was some plot to go along with this glam-tastic concept.

    Rating: 5/10

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