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  • Hombre y tierra (Man and Earth) | Review

    Cine Las Americas 2012

    By | April 30, 2012

    Director: Christian Cisneros

    Writers: Christian Cisneros, Richard L. Watson

    Starring:  Maurice Ripke, Julian Guevara, Robert Stewart

    We are a society filled with reality television shows, documenting everything from hoarding to eating seemingly unpalatable cuisines.  There is also the fascination of watching other people survive in the wilderness whilst glued to the couch and the T.V.  Why hike when you can watch someone else do it? Writer and director Christian Cisneros draws on reality television culture with his mockumentary, Hombre y tierra

    Mauro Bosque (Maurice Ripke) is an egotistical adventurer who loves to say his name as well as the name of his show, Hombre y tierra, as often as possible in front of a camera.  His latest episode brings him to the bosques (forests) of Belize (a.k.a. Lockhart, Texas) where Mauro hopes to explore the Maya caves of stories and legends.  Chucho (Julian Guevara), Bosque’s friend and producer, instructs Mauro to stay on the path around the forest, but he believes this will not give his viewers an authentic experience.  After Chucho leaves, Mauro, armed with his pack and camera, begins to leave the path and walk into the forest.

    Hombre y tierra is based on the idea of found footage of a lost explorer.  Much of the film is actually shot by Ripke, who was sent out to shoot for hours at a time using only a handheld camera, giving the film a Blair Witch Project feel.  The film has moments of suspense and Ripke is convincing as a terrified adventurer fearing for his life.

    Rating: 6/10

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