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  • Nancy, Please | Review

    Tribeca 2012

    By | April 24, 2012

    Director: Andrew Semans

    Writers: Andrew Semans, Will Heinrich

    Starring: Will Rogers, Rebecca Lawrence, Eleonore Hendricks, Novella Nelson, Santino Fontana, Eilis Cahill

    An interesting treatise on the Intelligentsia’s tendency to over-think even the most simple of situations, Nancy, Please observes how Paul (Will Rogers) deals with the loss of a Charles Dickens novel. Paul has recently moved in with Jen (Rebecca Lawrence), but during the course of the move, his hardback copy of Little Dorritt was left behind. Simple enough. Paul just needs to call his old housemate, Nancy (Eleonore Hendricks), and find out when it would be most convenient for him to pick up the book.

    The problem is Paul is overly anxious to get the book because the handwritten annotations inside the book are an integral part of his Literary Criticism dissertation. Risking expulsion from Yale if he does not turn in a draft of his dissertation soon, Paul needs the book post haste. So, Paul proceeds to call Nancy again and again and again.

    From Paul’s patronizing perspective, Nancy is a psychotic slacker who has nothing better to do than fuck with his head. As Nancy continues to avoid Paul, he becomes more and more unhinged. The constant nagging wears on Nancy as well, until the entire situation spirals totally out of control.

    We barely see Nancy (when we do, it is from Paul’s perspective) and we learn very little about her. Andrew Semans’ choice to keep Nancy’s motives a secret from the audience is what makes Nancy, Please something special. Even when Paul confronts Nancy, she remains an enigma; but despite her lack of screen time, Eleonore Hendricks (Bad Fever) makes an everlasting impression.

    Rating: 7/10

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